Working for You

I am not interested in making headlines. As your representative in Topeka I work to solve problems facing our community. I don’t make backroom deals and I will never be afraid to speak with constituents about tough issues.


Reducing Taxes

I voted to repeal the sales tax on food, raise the standard deduction, and reduce property taxes. With record government surpluses, we can absolutely return more money to Kansans. 

A Stronger Economy

Joe Biden and Laura Kelly are wreaking havoc on our economy. With a recession on the horizon, I will continue to advocate for a worker-first agenda. 

Improving Education

The pandemic has set back learning twenty years. I have advocated for, and will continue to advocate for, modern education policies that empower children while rewarding our finest teachers. 

Increasing Healthcare Access

I have supported and will continue to support policies that increase options for all Kansans and encourage market competition to deliver cheaper costs. Kansans are unable to afford one-size-fits-all solutions. 

Preserve Law and Order

We have all witnessed an increase in crime. I will continue to advocate for policies that provide law enforcement with the resources they need to keep our streets safe. 

Transparency To Property Taxes

I voted for legislation that would have brought transparency to property appraisals and required public notifications when local government officials vote to raise your property taxes. Unfortunately, this legislation did not pass but I will support it again during the 2021 legislative session.

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